Here, you can find our responses to parents’ most Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I register my child with Vlinderboom?

You may register your child by calling our school or by completing the registration form on our website. Click here for more information.

How do I make an appointment to visit Vlinderboom?

We are proud of our school and would be delighted to show you around. You can make an appointment by filling out the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call the school on working days between 8 AM and 3 PM on 015-3694106.

How do I report my child’s absence due to illness?

If your child is ill and needs to stay at home, we must be informed before 8:30 am. You can fill in this form or call us. Get well soon!

How do I register my child for after-school care?

We work together with Skippy and ZieZoo, who provide pre-school and after-school care. You can sign up your child for the after-school care location of your choice. They ensure your child is taken to and from school. Register your child with Skippy Pepijn here. Register your child with ZieZoo here.

How do I register my child for school lunch hour?

You can register your child by collecting the application form at the school reception desk. You can also fill in a digital application form on this page.

Who is teaching the class today?

On the team page, you can see which teachers are working at Vlinderboom. On this page, you can also find out on which days they are present.

When are gym classes?

Toddlers exercise in the playroom. They keep their gym clothes at school so they always have them at hand. At the start of each holiday, your child takes their gym bag home. Groups 3 to 8 exercise in our gym on Mondays and Thursdays.

Who can answer questions about payment of school lunch hour?

Amber Sieh manages the administration of the lunch hour. You can put your questions to her by phone or by email: a.sieh@octant.nl.

How can I pass on a message to my child's teacher?

If you have a short message, you can speak to the teacher directly during walk-in every morning from 8.15 to 8.30 or you can relay it through your child. You can also send a message to your child's teacher through Digiduif. Click here for the contact details of all our colleagues.

How do I request additional leave?

Additional leave must be applied for in writing. You need to fill out a form. The form can be obtained from teachers Carin or Miranda. More information about the rules for applying for extra leave can be found here.

How do I apply for Digiduif?

Once your child is four years old, we will be able to link them to the appropriate group in Digiduif. You will then receive a letter from school explaining the procedure for signing up with Digiduif. More information about your Digiduif application can be found here. Are you having trouble creating an account or linking the activation code? Get in touch with teachers Miranda or Nadia. They can be reached by phone or by email: m.vernaven@octant.nl or n.van.soldt@octant.nl. We’re happy to help you! You can also call Digiduif's helpdesk.

What happens when it is my child’s birthday?

Every birthday calls for a celebration and we are more than happy to celebrate birthdays at school. When your child’s birthday is coming up, please contact the class teacher. You can let them know on what day your child would like to celebrate its birthday, for example. You can agree on a time to celebrate and share treats and find out how many children will be present. In the lower years, children wear a party hat and hand out snacks to their classmates. They visit the ground floor and teachers sign their names on a birthday card. Children in group 3 and higher celebrate birthdays and share treats in the classroom. They visit all floors where teachers sign their names on a birthday card.